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As one of the first chauffeured providers in the industry to institute a comprehensive and sustainable service for business travelers and their families, Olympus Worldwide is, quite simply, the choice for those who want to minimize their impact on the environment.


Olympus Worldwide has taken an unprecedented preemptive action to reduce its impact on the environment by launching a comprehensive program to take on climate change issues. The plan is based on the belief that the uncertainty and risks presented by global warming are so great, it is better to take action immediately rather than to wait for scientific research and technological improvements to “fix” climate change.


Olympus Worldwide’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint has led us to be a founding member of the Limousine Environmental Partnership (LEAP). LEAP's philosophy is simple: Reduce, Renew and Offset. Every LEAP partner, including Olympus Worldwide, is taking action to reduce our carbon emissions, support the renewable energy industry, and neutralize the remaining carbon emissions – Olympus Worldwide is, today, 100% carbon free.


Olympus and LEAP are committed to the development and maintenance of an environmentally-friendly business model. Through our comprehensive initiatives, we are setting the emission reduction standards for the executive ground transportation industry in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Olympus Worldwide is proud to be part of the first organization of transportation industry veterans and environmental experts working together to promote education and action within the executive ground transportation industry to address the problems created by climate change.


Simply put, our partnership in LEAP is supporting a common sense approach for our company and industry to transition to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly service. At Olympus Worldwide, LEAP has implemented comprehensive programs designed to help us exceed industry standards by providing detailed auditing, goal setting, and carbon offsetting.


What We Are Doing


Olympus Worldwide and LEAP have introduced comprehensive and customized strategy to our operation that will, over the next few years, result in a significant reduction of the company's energy consumption. Today, we are actively involved in:


  • A Carbon Emissions Inventory Assessment.
  • Emissions Goal Setting (in conjunction with the EPA).
  • Integration of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Strategies.
  • 100% Carbon Offsetting.
  • Voluntary Reporting to the EPA.
  • Use of FlexFuel and Hybrid vehicles. (Hybrids may not be available in every city)


Other alternative actions that are being followed are:


  1. Olympus Worldwide has taken delivery on new flex-fuel SUVs. This equipment can run on either gasoline or E85 - a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline — or a combination of both. “The availability of E85 will grow exponentially over the next few years, and right now, our SUVs utilize Active Fuel Management™.” This new technology lets the vehicles use all cylinders when power is needed and fewer cylinders when practical for better mileage.

  2. Olympus Worldwide has converted all paper documents – including confirmations, receipts, invoices, etc – to digital formats. We have reduced the use of paper by more than 65%.

  3. All light fixtures are now equipped with Energy Star certified compact fluorescent light bulbs, which are 75% more energy efficient than regular bulbs.

  4. All promotional materials, including brochures, are printed on recycled paper and the company's monthly newsletters and other new business mailings have been converted to digital formats and email.

  5. Olympus Worldwide has instituted a buy “green” preferred supplier partnership – office supplies, computers, and all other office-related products are purchased from companies that have established sustainability programs.


Please sign up for our newsletter – we will keep you updated as more and more changes take place at Olympus Worldwide to ensure that we are no longer contributing to the problems created by fossil fuel emissions.


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